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Anonymous says:

A sharply written, one liner sitcom, Great stuff!! Charlie Sheen plays a hedonistic and wealthy bachelor, whose life of wine, women and whatever else is going, is rudely interrupted by the arrival of his recently divorced, uptight and homeless brother (played by Jon Cryer) and in tow he has a dumb, but very funny, young son (Angus T Jones).This first series sets the scene of female stalkers, girlfriends, lovers, mothers from hell and acidic ex wives, along with the odd bottle of Tequila, Bourbon or whatever else is close to hand, to stun…

Anonymous says:

The Best US Comedy Prog By a MILE… This series is probably the best comedy show to come to these shores from the USA for a very long time…Charlie is a self confessed hedonistic batchelor living in his beach house in Malibu and he uses a time system for seeing how many women he can bed by the hour for some days…however, this lifestyle hits a brickwall when his younger brother, Alan, is kicked out of his home by Judith and so Charlie reluctantly takes him in thinking that this will be only for a few days or weeks, so wrong…

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